Wonderful Writers

"SELF ESTEEM" By Jasmine Graves

All those diamonds and pearls make you wanna hurl in that bling bling aint go do a thing, Take the key and open up another state of mind cause that low self esteem can define yourself respect, don’t be blind, Keep your head held up high, look into the sky, Be proud of who you are cause your value is worth more than the coach purse you’ll do anything for

Define yourself, you yourself, as much as anybody else in this entire universe deserve your love and affection

Don’t let others self esteem tear you apart, You're just making them more proud of who they are

Why your confidence is being shattered like the glass you punched because you was called a slut, Remember you wanted it all, all eyes on you, No you can’t handle the pain or pressure of being called out your name

Self esteem, Baby girl why are you so ashamed, stop being who they want you to be, be who you are made to be, Nothing is more beautiful than seeing that girl being themselves, Take the road less traveled on instead of the well being path

Have pride and believe in yourself.