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Wildcats Unite Against Bullying Day! October 6, 2014


Wildcats show their school spirit as homecoming approaches.  

The week of October 6 to October 10, Hammond High School shows their spirit as the students prepare for the big finale-


  • On Monday October 6, 2014: The students wore purple shirts that stated "Wildcats Unite Against Bullying" to support the month of October which is national bully awareness month. unitedagaga.jpg

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  • On Tuesday October 7, 2014: The students got to wear their pajamas on “Pajama Day.pajama day.jpg


  • On Wednesday October 8, 2014: The students got to wear all white for “White DayAll white Day.jpg

  • On Thursday October 9, 2014: The students got to wear jeans with any kind of sports team jersey on “Jersey Day. Jersey day pic newspaper.jpg

On Friday October 10, 2014: The students got to wear purple to show and support their WildCat Spirit!uni.jpg